Communication Service

One of the most important things for a community is communication.
With no communication, there will be no community. So one of the core services the L.A.M.E. Community wants to provide
is a stable and reliable source the community can use for communication

Currently we provide this base in the form of a teamspeak server.
The client is freely available at


How to connect ?

1. start the teamspeak client ofcourse
2. Click on Connections – Connect or use the short key CRTL+S
3. fill in your nickname at Nickname
4. fill in at Server Adress :
5. Press the button Connect and well…. welcome to our Server

Help the server doesn’t work.

Incase the server is offline or not accessabel we first advice to check your settings on your own computer.

Are you connected to the internet? Does your firewall block TS? are others able to connect to the server?

After you checked all of these Q. and if others are also not able to connect. then we advice to email our current Server host about his failure of supplying the service we all need. Meanwhile use a alternative like skype or other communication software to connect to each other

Server Host will try to fix the problem within +48hrs. If maintenance or lack of service is expected to last longer. This will be communicated here. on the site


Our current server host is

  • L.A.M.E.Cloyote –
  • Servername: SER-001 “Bazuin”
  • Service: Teamspeak 3